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Husqvarna 525HE3 Pole Hedge Trimmer

Reach higher by adding a professional hedge trimmer to your landscaping tools. Husqvarna’s 525HE3 is a powerful fixed pole hedge trimmer with a 24-inch, double-sided cutter bar that can be adjusted 135 degrees. The hedge trimmer offers up to a 10-ft reach. The machine is exceptionally well-balanced and comfortable to use. Equipped with a rear bumper for added protection during rugged work days.

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Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw 20″

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher is a superior all-round chainsaw with heavy-duty power and impressive performance. Features LowVib® anti-vibration technology for safe, comfortable control. Powered by an X-Torq® engine for reduced fumes and fuel consumption.

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24″ Chainsaw – Husqvarna (Sweden)

Be prepared to tackle tree work in any setting. The Husqvarna 365 is a chainsaw tested by the world’s hardest-working landowners and tree care professionals. The combination of low weight and robust power make this saw suited to a variety of applications. The X-Torq® engine delivers eco-friendly performance that will help you save big on fuel. Stay productive with a truly excellent all-around saw.

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Cushman Refresher

The Cushman® Refresher® Oasis™ raises the bar for large-volume refreshment vehicles with an industry-leading 500-can capacity, meaning your workers will spend less time refilling the vehicle and more time generating revenue. A merchandising display and wrap around counter offer plenty of space for impulse purchases. Comfortable ergonomic seating and a practically designed dash make those long summer days a breeze.

The Cushman Refresher® FS4™ with FlexServe™ Technology is the ultimate crowd pleaser for golfers and golf professionals alike. That’s because it provides an unprecedented combination of storage and flexibility, allowing you to elevate expectations on and off the course.

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Cushman Shuttle 8

The Cushman Shuttle™ 8 is the right choice to move large groups of people throughout a campus or facility. With six forward-facing seats and a rear-facing bench seat, the Shuttle 8 can transport up to eight people quickly and comfortably. Available with either a 48V electric drivetrain or a 13.5 hp Kawasaki® gas-powered engine.

Designed for safety and comfort, the Cushman Shuttle 8 personnel transport vehicle delivers all the space you need. Features like a large canopy, ergonomically-designed seating, and dependable powertrain options keep guests and workers happy.

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Cushman Shuttle 6

TRANSPORT LARGE GROUPS EFFICIENTLY. The Cushman Shuttle™ 6 is the go-to vehicle for moving people throughout a facility. With four forward-facing seats and a rear-facing bench seat, it can transport up to six people quickly and comfortably. Available with either a 48V electric drivetrain or a 13.5 hp Kawasaki® gas-powered engine, the Shuttle 6 will ensure your crew and guests will arrive and depart in style.

Take your people-moving power to the next level with the six-passenger Cushman Shuttle 6 personnel carrier. With spacious bench seating, headlights for early morning or late nights, and your choice of gas or electric powertrains, it always delivers a safe and comfortable ride.

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Cushman Shuttle 4

If you need a general-purpose vehicle to move around your facility, look no further than the Cushman Shuttle 4. It combines four forward-facing seats with a spacious cargo bed for efficient transport of personnel and equipment. Available in both a 48V electric model and a gas-powered option with a 13.5 hp Kawasaki® engine, the Cushman Shuttle 4 keep passengers and their gear comfortable on the move.

Throw your bags and supplies in the back and let’s get moving. The Cushman Shuttle 4 offers extra space for luggage, gear and more, so you can help workers, guests and volunteers get all their stuff wherever it needs to go quickly.

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Cushman Shuttle 2

When you need to move large materials around your facility in a hurry, the Cushman® Shuttle™ 2 is the right choice. With a 545-kg cargo capacity and a 20.9-square-foot cargo deck, it can move anything from lumber to luggage. And whether it’s equipped with a 48V DC electric drivetrain or a 13.5 hp Kawasaki® gas engine, the Shuttle 2 offers plenty of power to get the job done right.

This vehicle was built for big hauling and big possibilities with a 20.9-sq-ft cargo deck. Whether you’re hauling tools and supplies or luggage and catering, the Cushman Shuttle 2 personnel transport vehicle makes sure that you’re driven to get it done right.

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