About Octo Grass Cell

Introducing Octo Grass Cell® pavers, the latest innovation in grass technology system which is scientifically designed to stabilize and support grass or decorative gravel that is subject to pedestrian and occasional vehicular traffic. Octo Grass Cell® pavers are designed and structured in octagon cells. With lateral openings within the structure, Octo Grass Cell® pavers not only protects roots of the grasses against compaction and minimising grass wear, it also allows the roots of rhizomatous grasses to spread through the block within the protected soil layers.

It’s perfectly creates a living, self-healing system which is not only resilient, but also looks great year round. Octo Grass Cell® pavers are manufactured from UV stabilised 100% recycled plastics which are strong, chemically inert and non-toxic, enabling them to provide a durable, safe and sustainable eco-friendly surface for trafficked areas. Manufactured from 100% environmentally friendly recycled plastics

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