About Grillo

Grillo S.p.A. was founded in 1953 under the name of “OFFICINE PINZA”. Its founder, the twenty-year-old Benito Pinza invented the first Grillo walking tractor thanks to an innovative project. The company was therefore named GRILLO in 1957, marking a milestone in the history of agricultural mechanisation. Grillo S.p.A. has been designing and producing professional machines for both agriculture and green maintenance for over 60 years, its products being suitable not also for professional but also for domestic use. Thanks to its highly trained and qualified staff, Grillo makes the operators’ job more comfortable by constantly seeking for new technical solutions.

Each single machine undergoes very demanding quality tests to assess its reliability, in compliance with the current European standards. Grillo S.p.A. employs the ultimate high-technology tools to produce its machines (e.g. laser-cut, robotics, semi automatic assembly chain) and has four production plants located in the area of Cesena (Italy). More than 20.000 machines of over 50 different models are manufactured every year and distributed in 55 countries across the five continents.

Our staff counts more than 200 members and our distribution and sales network is made up of more than 1.000 dealers, over 50 distributors and 3 sales branches. Our highly-trained staff and branches, highly-competent dealers and distributors contribute to the tremendous success of Grillo S.p.A worldwide.

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