About Aytok

Aytok has started its manufacturing journey with PE fittings for driplines in 1997.A while later, Aytok management saw a market opportunity and started plastic and metal filtration manufacturing in Konya This decision created marvelous results and carried Aytok into a market leader manufacturer position in Turkey.Behind this succes surely focus on R&D, market-field analysis and inspections are taken seriously by Aytok management.

Aytok as a market leader also opened new areas like on field troubleshooting service, on factory maintence promotions, applying technology and control systems are well known and appreciated by the consumers. Today,Aytok is serving with 12380m2 covered ,total 30000 m2 facility area,50 total employees,dedicated engineers and export department with 45 countries in the portfolio.

This allows Aytok to play a high quality leader brand in local market and also be a global player who follows international manufacturing standarts with export focus capabilities. Aytok targets to keep its credentials coming along the years,create added value with innovative products and stabilize its position in the top five of filtration industry.

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