About Alyaf

Alyaf Industrial Co. Ltd. is a Saudi Arabian company specialized in manufacturing nonwoven geotextiles and technical nonwovens. It was established in 1992 with a state of the art nonwoven technology and utilizing the finest quality raw materials produced from the advanced local petrochemical industry.

ALYAF has pioneered the development of technical nonwovens in the Middle East. ALYAF manufactures a wide range of high performance geotextiles engineered to suit various geotechnical applications including soil stabilization for roads and railways, subsurface drainage, crack relief paving fabrics for asphalt, erosion control in marine constructions, protection of waterproof membranes and thermal insulation, protection of synthetic liners and drainage in landfills and waste containment systems, landscaping, etc ALYAF is a corporate member of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)

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